Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi

Finding my way to my ancestors’ stories was both easy and challenging. Being raised by my great-grandmother, Big Mother, it was easy listen and absorb. She told me stories of her childhood being raised by her great-grandmother, Priscilla, who was once an enslaved woman. When I asked her about her grandmother, all she could tell me was that her name was “Mary Jane,” and she died not long after her daughter, my great-great-grandmother, Susie, was born.


I had questions.


Those questions lead to other questions and then to other questions. And when Big Mother passed away, all of my questions had not been answered. With her being the matriarch of our family, much of the family history passed on with her. So I was left to resort to research. This is where the search for my HERStory became difficult.

Much of the information, records, photographs, and history about African American people are either lost, destroyed, or inaccurate. So if you are taking the leap into traveling the road into your own family history, here are a few resources I’ve collected along the way: (more coming soon)





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