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nowthatimherecover-onbooknow that I’m here: lyrics from the mud to the sun is a story filled with the joy and pain of remembrance, and the glory of a journey to the sun. Like the lotus flower, the roots of poetess, Brook Blander, settle in the muddy waters of her past.

These seven chapters rearrange the mind and reach for the deepest regions of the heart. The product of a rape and molestation, the collection opens in The Basement of moist walls, singing blues and the marks the end, and the beginning of two souls. Hanging Moss is a meal to remember those gone during a season of unjust killings. Waiting for Tomorrow tells of a child deprived and Girl of a life of growth and acceptance.  Making Youtells of the desperation for and need for love while A Getting Society shows how selfish behaviors and laziness are inherited.

It tells they are passed on in a predetermined road map and in the end a choice must be made to continue or derail. Good Morning, Dew is an aubade and truth is sought in I Wanna Taste The Sun as it screams to explore and challenge all that is supposedly known. In I Want To Ask You Something, the burden of generational curses is described and the non-accountability of the careless transfer of them are exposed.


personal-onbookYou are cordially invited to the intimate comforts of reflection through poetry and prose from poetess Brook Blander in her second lyrical collection entitled Personal. Personal. is reflection in a lounge therapy session.

This book settles into the truths of self, family, society, love, and the waters that have passed under the bridges of life offering us a compilation of poetry, haiku, prose and journal entries from the reflections of it all. Blander gets intimate in lyric, taking us beneath the surface of ourselves and into the comforts of personal truth.

Loaa-onbooknow is the time for the awakening…of Truth, Consciousness, and Reality. Through the pages of Lyrics of an Awakening, this time is captured through poetic verse. Brook Blander, author and poetess, and editor of From This Day Forward, a commitment journal for serious writers, takes poetry lovers through the journey of answering the call to consciousness. Woven, at times delicately and at other times in the rawest form, are the lyrics of everyday life experiences that effect each and every one of us.


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