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Where Would You Like To Go?

I know many of my readers, especially my friends and family, have heard of places in Spain they’d love to visit/experience. As for me, I have my same particulars I want to see everywhere I travel (food, books, crafty stuff, street events, and so on and so on. Did I say food already?) So, during my time in Spain, I’d like to share the experiences of where you’d like to go until you have your own travels to this magnificent place.


So where do you want to go?


I will try my best to do a...

5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Not Travel Abroad

5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Not Travel Abroad


Trust me, this is a list you NEED to read before you even bother getting the dang passport:


You are content (or flat-out happy) with your life and have no interest in adding any new and exciting adventures to your story. Stay put. Nothing to see here. Taking time out from your daily routine to shake things...