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Be Kind or Be Quiet

If you’re focused on ridiculing those who aren’t responding the same way as you are to the recent events, YOU are also a great part of the problem. 


You’re DIRECTING YOUR #ENERGY towards people who possibly have no clue on how to handle these CONTINUOUS, REAL-LIFE TRAUMAS.


STOP ADDING TO THE NEGATIVITY of these situations by attempting to inflict #guilt on people who are absorbing more than they may be able to express through social media posts, video shares, outward reactions, or even have the capacity to handle all of this (+ the personal effects of a #pandemic). Don’t use your ability to DO SOMETHING as an aim at those who are probably doing the best they can right now. Sometimes, fighting for #justice “out there” happens/begins with FIGHTING TO COPE WITHIN. Demonstrating rage, anger, withdrawal, #depression, defeat, hurt, and every other emotion are all a part of our own INDIVIDUAL MENTAL HEALTH. Be whatever you need to be, but know that everyone’s needs at this time does not look the same as yours.


Someone hasn’t been online in a few days, yet they’re sitting quietly, HOLDING SPACE and PRAYING HARD for the safety of our protesters. Someone is continuously BEING TRIGGERED by hearing the news and seeing the videos over and over. Someone chose not to set fires, but spend the night TEACHING THEIR CHILD his or her rights and how to protect themselves as best they can. Someone chose not to share the videos, but instead, called their adult child and grandchildren, just to hear the sound of their voice.


Someone chooses not to discuss it because they’re in an ongoing CONVERSATION WITH their #ANCESTORS, their HIGHEST SELF, GOD, THE UNIVERSE, etc. and chooses to not be interrupted.


You don’t know everyone’s fight right now. You can’t.


Do what you feel you need to be doing now, but allow everyone to fight these injustices in their own way with whatever they have the capacity to offer of themselves to the rest of the world at this time.


#beKindorBeQuiet #UseYourEnergyWisely#triggers #nowIsNotTheTimeForJudgement#mentalhealth #trauma #bekind #innerpeace#justice #peace #BlackLivesMatter

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1 Comment

    Cynthia L Morris

    20th Jul 2020 - 8:52 pm

    This is kindness in action. It’s the oddest thing – we are all in this together and also we are each experiencing life/risk/death in our unique ways.

    This is a time for respecting as much as we can. It’s a practice for sure.

    Thanks for your kindness and generosity, Brooke.

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