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Books by Brook

Passion Led Us Here

We often hear people say, “I have a passion for ending hunger.” Or someone else may say, “I’m #passionate about working with children.” Whoever said it and whatever they said, their #desire reaches beyond the boundaries of “like.” When we “like” something, let’s say flowers, we find a piece of our joy in it. We like the way they smell, the colors, and maybe even the memories they evoke. That’s “like.” When we have “passion for” or we’re “passionate about” something, it becomes a driving #movement in our lives. That person who is passionate about flowers makes time to visit gardens regularly. They may even pour energy into having a porch full of blooming flowerpots. That person may spend their spring Saturdays taking fresh cut flowers to elderly neighbors.


Passion is the energy that takes “like” and admiration into intentional and purpose-filled movement. Our lives are filled with so many “likes.” It should be. But we must also tap into our passions, the small ones and the mighty, and let them move us forward. Passion does not live in being still, whether it’s in our #relationships, our #careers, or our community outreach. We must nurture passion because it is a part of our spiritual #purpose of being in this place at this time.


Take a moment and close your eyes. What has been your driving passion in life up to this very moment? What have you honored with your time and #energy thus far? Now, take another moment to scan your heart and headspace and identify what will carry you willingly forward. Is it the same as what has driven you this far? If not, what needs to shift?

If you’ve been stuck in “like” mode, try journaling a plan to choose what we are passionate about and honoring it wholly.


Until the next step, journey on and journey well.


(Originally published for Wholy Ground Facebook Page and website)
Photo by Ian Schneider

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