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Something is in my dang food!


Today I returned for the third time to what I’ve adopted as my café, Gelatiamo, which is a few doors down from my apartment here in Spain. As you can tell by the name, they have #gelato, the best I’ve ever tasted. This place also sells food, including my favorite, crepes. For lunch, I ordered my usual (I say usual as if I’ve been frequenting the place for years…😁). Nordica, which is a #crepe filled with smoked salmon, mozzarella, walnuts, and yoghurt sauce. This is my second time having it and this time “sin nueces, pero con tomato y espinaca” (no nuts, but with tomato and spinach).


My food arrived. I’m eating away. I noticed what looks like a tiny straight eyelash in my food. Not wanting to waste the food or my money, I remove it and kept going. Again. Another one. I put my fork down. My attitude rises to a US 10. Then I remember, I don’t know how to raise hell in spanish. I opened the crepe to get a full view of what turned out to me TINY LITTLE HAIRS ALL OVER MY CREPE!


Do they keep a jar of tiny hairs as a seasoning!?!? Is this a European thing? A Spain thing? Eyelash seasoning? Again, I don’t know how to cuss in Spanish! Is it the same? Will my tone show my pissed off-tivity? I raise my hand to catch the waitress’ attention. “Una momento.”


While she runs to the back kitchen for something (probably more hairs!), my brain turns on… Dill. It’s not hair. It’s freaking dill seasoning. The same dill seasoning I use to cook at home! Wow. Geez. And now here comes the waitress.


”¿Puedo ayudarte?” (Can I help you?)


“Otro vaso de agua, por favor.” (Another glass of water, please.) Insert big, ridiculous, and embarrassing smile. 🙄

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