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Loving on the Street Art (BCN and Paris)

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One of the things that has caught my attention and made me see it in a different way is graffiti/street art. There’s just something different about it from what I’ve seen in the US. Not to say similar street art doesn’t exist there, I just haven’t see it at this level.


Quick Lesson: Street art is image based and usually commissioned or painted on surfaces with permission. Graffiti is often word and symbol based. The overlap of the two, “graffiti art”, is a more detailed combination of the two.


Another quick lesson: There are areas set aside in BCN (and surely other places) for legal street art. It’s usually done on a “first come, first grab” basis. The art does not stay very long, some being painted over in a matter or hours. So if you see something that captures your eye, savor it with a quick photo (and post it with supportive tag to the artist, of course). For those in BCN or visiting, there is an area near the Three Chimneys near Raval.


On my list of things I want to do for sure in Barcelona was going on a street art tour.  While I’d seen some awesome graffiti in the States, looking at the AirBnB experiences (things to do near wherever you book an AirBnB) piqued my interest. I clicked the button and added it to my list.


The area near my apt had many businesses and so there were a lot of “garage door” type closures that appeared during non-business hours. It was fascinating to just walk around at night and admire the art. Even more, me being a writer who often finds a story in everything, the delight of imagining the answers to all of my “why” questions became a frequent late evening adventure.


Even in Paris, the street art called my name and I could not ignore. One morning, I dressed early and headed out for a walk to see the art before it was time to meet my friends. It was one of the rare occasions I stopped a passerby and asked them to snap a picture. Yes, the art and I were color coordinated. Unplanned.


When I returned to Barcelona, I decided it was time to hear some of the stories about the meaning of some of the works as well as the artist. So the pictures you see above are only a small portion of what I enjoyed on a two-hour walking tour.




 Akore_Art1st   @akore_artist

The work of this artist was the first to grab me and drag me around the city looking for more. Love, love, love what he chooses to capture and the way he manages to capture it!



 Jakuna  @me_lata

Dope husband and wife street art team that speak positive and loving messages via painted cans. There are some imitators that have began posting theirs, but you can usually spot the true @me_lata work by their messages. Never hatred, always love.



  Graffiti Tours Barcelona, the tour I used, that can link you to many of the artists to see more, fall in love, and supporting these amazing people.


If there are some areas of street art that has captured your attention (anywhere), please drop a line in the comments of where it’s located or even a picture, if you have one to share.

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