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Books By Brook B.

Books by Brook

Where Would You Like To Go?

I know many of my readers, especially my friends and family, have heard of places in Spain they’d love to visit/experience. As for me, I have my same particulars I want to see everywhere I travel (food, books, crafty stuff, street events, and so on and so on. Did I say food already?) So, during my time in Spain, I’d like to share the experiences of where you’d like to go until you have your own travels to this magnificent place.


So where do you want to go?


I will try my best to do a video at as many of the places you suggest. For sure, I will take lots of pictures. Is there a particular food you want to try? A touristy location/place? Or maybe even something you would like to try? (For example: see a flamenco show, watch the sunset at a beach, etc.)


Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to make it happen. This will also give me an opportunity to do, go, and see places I may not have on my own list.


While I won’t be able to do EVERYthing requested, I will do my best to do a few.

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