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Books By Brook B.

Books by Brook

This Could Be A Novel


It’s been a very long time since I bought this book. To be honest, its been long enough for me to have forgotten when I bought it and even where. But apparently, it came into my life for a reason, and the season for it has finally arrived.


In my latest venture to redesign my studio, complete with painting and needed window treatments, I had to move all of my books out of my studio and into another room to maneuver books cases and shelves. Being very particular about the workings of this space now, I took the time to go through all of my books one by one and categorize them before bringing them back in.


I ran across “This Could Be a Novel”, a sort of sectional journal for all the main elements of a writing a novel…character sketches, dialogue, etc. The time of finding it could not be more perfectly aligned as I am finally finished with all of my design projects and working away at getting my novel(s) written. What is it about, you ask? Well, with each writing session, I’m discovering the answers to that very question.


You see, I’m writing without an outline on a novel that has changed directions several times. While many very right-brained (or is it left brained?) writers would frown upon that, I am taking the journey or writing this novel as a spiritual one. I’m praying and meditating for guidance on what to write next, and I am, (what I believe is channelling), writing the most intimate details of the lives of my characters.


While I use the colored notecards in a treasure box method of outlining and brainstorming, I’ve decided to utilize its compartmentalized way of organizing along side my notecards. Why? Especially if the notecard method is working? Well, because I have no outline of the course of this story and lots of information comes at me from many different directions. I may have an idea and write it out on the notecard, and then a few hours later, the same idea comes, but with totally reversed details. Which method leads you to writing a better story? I don’t know, but having more than one method of capturing the possibilities sounds like a winner to me. Who knows…it could actually be the telling of two different books in the end.


My point…capture everything. Keep it organized in whatever method works for you. You never know when you’ll get an idea, try it and it doesn’t turn out the way you intended. You can always return to the other idea(s) awaiting you.


Until the next word,

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