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Books By Brook B.

Books by Brook

Running Away?


My life has been every bit of an interesting journey. I’ve told parts of my story through my #writing, while other parts, I just never mention because it is of no benefit to me or anyone else. I am, very particular, about what I share. Yes. The commas were intentional. So I’m sharing this “particular” with you.


Many people ask if this trip is about leaving something behind to explore something new. Others ask whether it’s about going to explore and bring something back. And others have asked, “why the hell are you doing this period?” To that last set of people, my response is this: Review the questions asked by previously mentioned group #1 and group #2. Turn their question into a statement. There’s your answer. And don’t forget to go back and share it with groups one and two. Did you follow that? If not, no worries. This message does not self-destruct upon reading. You can go back and read it again.


I’m going to #Spain and wherever else because:


1. There is more to the world than Savannah, Georgia, and the US. While I have been blessed to travel and live to many areas around the #US and other places, there is still a whole lot more world out there. I need to see it. I’m running away from a limited way of thinking I’ve trained myself to have.


2. I made a promise to a church member when I was a small girl that I would leave my hometown and see what else there is to life outside the city and state and even continent’s limits before I kick the bucket one day.


3. I have nieces and nephews and friends and family who are all watching how I live, how we all live. The choices we make, the adventures we take, the restraints we put on ourselves, the goals we reach, these are the visions of possibility and limitations we offer them. I want my family and my friends, no matter what age, to capture this snapshot of what they can do. I want them to store it in their minds and file it under POSSIBLE until they are ready to take their own journey.


4. I’m doing this because my life is my own. It is what I create it to be. There is so much I have experienced that I could have changed, should have done different, and still today can do nothing about. Monkey wrenches and hammers, #successes and #opportunities, losses and broken pieces, and just plain old being alive while shifts happen. It’s all mine. So love is motivating me just as much as pain, hopes just as much as doubts, fear just as much as “Heffa, you got this”. It’s a collaboration of my journey thus far that has me moving in this direction. Where I’ll end up, who knows. Who ever really knows? I’m open to my life’s courageously, bold, cute shoe wearing movement.


5. One day, I may not be able, in whatever form that limitation comes. Tomorrow is not promised, life is not guaranteed, and the way this world is going bananas, I want to see and do as much as I can while I can. No matter how healthy you are, keto’d up, and leg and chest day’d out, the body is a not guaranteed to forever function as we would like. By no means am I saying go out and eat five burgers with cheese, extra ketchup and a large fry (but if you do, bring me back a junior bacon…never mind). I believe that if we take care of our bodies they will take care of us. But some things are just inevitable, natural, and can happen. Point blank and the period. So live. Dang on it, live. Live. And then shake your behind and live some more.


That’s my plan.


What’s yours?


Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

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