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Commitment Issues


I wouldn’t say I’m having commitment issues…I’m just saying one love is not enough for me. Not now. Not ever, really.

When I’m not getting what I need from one, I start spending a little time with the other. When that one starts getting fiesty and not doing what I want, the way that I want, I call up the other. They all please me, even make me happy, but I’m just not ready to commit to just one. Not just yet.

I’m sowing my first draft writing oats. Of course that’s what you thought I was talking about, right?

So I’m currently working on three major writing projects and while they’re each fulfilling at the time I’m working on them, there’s always the whisper of sweet nothings in my ear from the others.

All three projects are pretty different. Two are pretty new projects so I’m getting to know the characters, settings, etc. Those two need their “extra” time (and attention) to grow into what they’re going to be. That’s respectable. But when they want attention, oh man do they whine loud and clear in my head for it. Oftentimes, it drowns out the voices of the characters of whatever else I’m working on. So to pacify it, I give it a few days attention…until one of the others comes calling.

What I’ve learned about myself as a writer is that this is part of my WRITING PROCESS. THIS is how I operate as a writer at this stage of my writing. If I lock myself into one project at a time, looney is a pretty mild word for what happens to me as my brain turns to mush. In first drafting stage, one is never enough. I need to bounce around, spread the love.

While other writers may tell you to focus in on one, put everything else aside…honor YOUR process. All writers are not created the same. If we were, we’d all be putting out the same books, containing the same stories, written the exact same way. Become comfortable with what works for YOU.

As a part of my process, I know, I just simply know from the hairs on my head down to my pinky toe, when its truly time to zone in on one project. Its just something that happens for me the way it does…and I respect it. One of the greatest parts of being a writer is learning how YOU write. Once you know this, and you begin to respect and honor this, your best writing will come with ease.

Live Bold and Write On.

Until the next word,

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