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Books By Brook B.

Books by Brook

Writing Is Actually Writing


…and a whole lot of other stuff, too.


When we sit at the computer (or laptop, or with pen and paper), in a perfect world, the words show up. We type, and we type, and we type some more. We stop to think for a moment, propping our “I’m a writer and I’m thinking” face in one hand. Moments later, we’re back to typing away.


Now, let’s hop over to the real world over here. That’s not how it works. We sit. We think. We type. We think some more. We have a question about something. We Google it. Then we Google another word/phrase/name related to the first thing we had to halt the word to check. Then another. Oh, cute puppy video. What does my “squad” look like based on my friend-list? Hmmm. That’s odd. My horoscope said I would be super productive today and here I am…reading my horoscope from yesterday to check the accuracy of whether these horoscope people even know what they’re talking about. And then it’s time to go to bed. (insert slow blink right here)


No need to raise your hand to testify, we already know. You are amongst your tribe reading this post. No shame. No shade. All love. Now let’s talk about this.

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